Diamond tools in the stone flower line processing applications
Author:rootTime:March 12, 2015
Flowers line the stone processing There are several ways: using the most grinding and milling have formed (by molding knife), a suitable match flowers narrow line; circular saw blades cutting into the rear stone bar, with milling grinding mill ground type (diamond Tool) suitable wide and narrow flowers line manufacturing; diamond wire sawing open with a suitable match the majority of the floral wire. There are also stone processing in the middle and a few flowers line processing approach. Analysis of three commonly used as follows.
1, forming milling wheels with direct processing. This is the largest use of manufactured stone flower line, but also the most economical way to the highest processing power. It flowers line the rugged little bump shape processing faster. This needs to be processed in advance to make flowers line the opposite convex milling things grind stone lines curve on the machine, to prepare for coarse grinding, grinding, polishing three, in turn can use.
2, first rough diamond saw blades, and then finishing mill grinding and polishing. (Glass grinding wheel) took this approach appropriate line bump rugged match those big wide or narrow shape. If after milling wheel with direct processing wear large, but with relatively high power cut circular saw blades to remove most of the remaining material in advance, and then coarse grinding and milling, grinding, polishing can be.
3, with a diamond wire sawing open, and then through the imitation of grinding and polishing machines or manual polishing. This is comparable to the majority of flowers line the appropriate processing, can get together to cut concave, convex spent two lines, as depicted well, the two lines can be spent on a project to use, which will help to save costs.