Diamond tool machining hard and brittle materials wear and its influencing factors
Author:rootTime:March 12, 2015

With the progress of science and technology and the development of modern industry, hard and brittle materials ( such as laser and infrared optical crystal, ceramic, quartz glass, silicon crystal and stone ) is widely used. Because of hard and brittle materials with high hardness, brittleness, its physical and mechanical properties especially the toughness and strength compared with metallic materials have very big difference, therefore these materials are difficult or even impossible to be the ordinary processing method for processing. Diamond is known to nature the highest hardness material, its outstanding performance in the field of machining hard and brittle materials have broad prospects. At present, the diamond tools for cutting and grinding of hard and brittle materials is still an effective processing method, such as the use of diamond cutting tools cutting stone, diamond wheel grinding ceramics.
Machining of hard and brittle materials diamond tools are mainly all kinds of diamond saw and diamond grinding wheel, although various tools application scope and the processing characteristics of different, but their wear mechanisms are roughly the same. Because the diamond tool wear on the processing quality of the workpiece and the processing effect is very big, the tool wear performance is a reflection of tool performance, process parameters is reasonable or not is an important indicator, so the diamond tool wear mechanism of diamond tools to guide reasonable manufacturing and rational selection of technological parameters have important significance. For a long time, many scholars at home and abroad dedicated to the study of wear mechanism of diamond tools, and has made gratifying achievements.