Air King
Air King
Category:Diamond Tools
The air cooling effect provided by the side face grooves of the diamond layer combined with highly heat resistant bond ensures smooth cutting on either a pneumatic tool or electric tool, without causing the bond to be burnt.
(1)Reinforced concrete
(2)Hard concrete
(3)Mortar, block, brick, etc.
※Dry cutting
Technical Data
【φ180 pneumatic tool: Comparison of performance with reinforced concrete】
(Cutting conditions)
●Products: Air King φ180, Company A φ180, Company B φ180
●Machine: Nitto Koki Grinder MAG-70. Unload revolution 6,800 rpm (Peripheral speed 64 m/sec)
●Compressor: Hokuetsu Industries PDS-175S, output 50 HP
●Workpiece: U-shaped groove lid, pressure resistance 330 – 370 kgf/cm2 (Reinforcing bar φ6 cut)
●Cutting method: Manual cutting
●Depth of cut: 50 – 55 mm grooving (Full depth)
●Cut length: 300 mm/cut x15 cuts=4.5 m (1-minute intervals every 5 cuts)
*Only Air King kept cutting and kept cutting at high speed.
*Both Company A product and Company B product stopped cutting after about 3m.
【φ105 electric tool: Comparison of performance with plain concrete】
(Cutting conditions)
●Products: Air King φ105, Company A φ105, Company B φ105
●Machine: Hitachi CM4Y, (620W, unload revolution 9,000 rpm)
●Workpiece: Sidewalk concrete plate, pressure resistance 180 – 240 kgf/cm2
●Cutting method: Manual cutting at load current 7 – 8A
●Depth of cut: 20 mm
●Cut length: 300 mm/cut x 60 cuts=18 m (1-minute intervals every 5 cuts)
*Air King showed the highest cutting ability and the life was sufficient.
*Company A product lasted long, but cut poorly.
*Company B product was poor in both cutting ability and life.
Consistent performance can be expected on both electric and pneumatic tools.
【Differences from conventional products】
●Laser Pro: Emphasis in design is placed on sharpness of cutting edges. This product is made by laser welding. A.L.M.T.’s long-selling product accepted for various applications.
●Hatsuri King Pro: When used on electric tools, this product features long life, in addition to excellent cutting. The employment of T tips prevents under-head wear and ensures the tips can be used up completely.
●Air King (New): This product shows excellent cutting when used on a pneumatic tool. It can of course be used on electric tools. The heat-resistant bond and rim shape protect cutting edges from burning and make them unlikely to get caught by reinforcing bars in tough applications.
※The cutting performance; cutting ability and tool life values are the results of internal tests and are not intended to guarantee the performance.
No. O.D. Tip width Tip height Bore diameter  
AR-105 105 2.0 7.0 20  
AR-125 125 2.2 7.0 20 22
AR-155 155 2.2 7.0 25.4  
AR-180 180 2.2 7.0 22 25.4
AR-205 205 2.5 7.0 25.4  


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