Reinforced Bar Cutter
Reinforced Bar Cutter
Category:Construction Machinery

Usage: used for cutting and processing all kinds of common carbon steel, hot-rolled steel, screw steel, flat steel, square steel and angle steel in construction project.

Type: GQ40 / GQ50
Steel diameter Q235-A: (Φ6~Φ40)mm / (Φ6~Φ50)mm
Max.Spec of Flat Steel: (70×10)mm / (80×16)mm
Max.Spec of Square Steel Q235-A: (32×32)mm / (40×40)mm 
Max.Spec of Angle Steel Q235-A: (50×50)mm / (63×63)mm 
Frequency: 32/min  /  28/min
Power: 2.2KW / 4.0KW

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