Diamond thin-core Drill
Diamond thin-core Drill
Category:Electrical Tools Series

Common specifications of Diamond thin-core Drill     (units: mm)

Specification(outer diameter): Φ20 Φ25 Φ30 Φ32 Φ37 Φ40 Φ44 Φ46 Φ51 Φ56 Φ63 Φ65 Φ71
Effective Length: 300  400  500
Specification(outer diameter): Φ75 Φ80 Φ91 Φ101 Φ107 Φ116 Φ120 Φ130 Φ146 Φ155 Φ160 Φ175 Φ180 Φ200
Drill with particular specification can be made by the order of users.

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